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Chris’s Interview with the Basement Fox: Part 1 of 2

Ever wondered what it is like to hang out with someone whom you’ve idolized? I know I have. I’ve been following Asher Moss, aka Basement Fox, ever since I found his instagram. Back then Moss was still doing “Models in the Morning” and his work had been featured by Refueled Magazine, Slow and Low, and Langly Bags. When I first heard he was coming to my side of the world, I immediately took action and emailed him. Asking if I could interview him face to face. He replied telling me his whereabouts and when it would be possible to meet up for the interview. I was so excited! I called him to confirm the details of our meet up, and he graciously invited me to hang out with him and some of his friends. I was so excited but so tired (at this point I was only running on two hours of sleep) when I finally reached our designated meet up spot, Enchanted Rock. Everything was just so different from what I was used to. (I literally asked the park ranger if any snakes roamed the territory and he confirmed my suspicion that they do. Shortly after he warned me about how the heat is more likely to kill me than snakes.) After hiking for what seemed like forever, I finally ran into Moss and his friends. I literally did a double take when I saw the red-bearded legend. I know, I’m fan-girling rather hard. While I was internally freaking out with my idol standing in front of me, Moss, on the other hand, was very calm and collected; a very down to earth type of guy.

As I interviewed and talked to Moss, I found out that he has been playing the photography game for about two years or so. He started out using an old film camera he bought at a flea market and has worked his way up to a medium format Rollie. Moss has passion. A passion for photography, but more importantly a passion for art. He is a man that never settles for less and always goes above and beyond to achieve the vision he has set out in his mind (and won’t shoot a scene with a car over the 1980’s mark). Inspired by Helmut Newton, Moss aims to create even more timeless stories.

Instagram: Basement Fox, Dawnawakened

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